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Giving birth is probably the most special experience in your life. Not only is this the day where you will first meet your baby, but also the moment where you as a woman will find yourself in your primal female power, leaving uncertainties about yourself behind. 


It is important to find out in your pregnancy, what defines you as a birthing woman. It's important to know about different possible scenarios during labour, in order to be able to cope with them. This also goes for your partner. The physical preparation for your delivery should not be underestimated either. Again, this also goes for your partner.

Why momsoon?

  • You will be guided to proactively take part in your delivery process

  • You will learn to know and understand your rights

  • You will get information on all different possibilities in an impartial way

  • You will have full access to the latest knowledge and experience in the field

  • You will receive physical support during labour

  • You and your partner will enjoy priceless emotional support

  • I will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



My goal is to support you as a pregnant woman and to help you discover which options you have during labour. I will help you to form your own vision on labour and everything surrounding your delivery. I wil give you extra strength to follow your own path. Concrete this entails the following; 


  • We will search for the type of delivery that suits you best

  • Together we take the necessary steps to put plans into action

  • We will discuss the contact with your caregivers and those present during labour

  • You will make a conscious choice on which hospital best fits your needs

  • You will find out how you will be able to cope with contractions and which birthing position suits you best

Besides that, I will also be present during your delivery. I will comfort, indulge and support both you and your partner with all of my heart. Doulas are different than midwifes or gynaecologists in their presence, because we don't have any official medical background. This is why we can focus on emotional and mental processes, without the complexity of medical interventions.

Furthermore as a doula, I will be present from start until finish. This is not the case for doctors and nurses. By doing so you and your partner will have a trusted person next to you when giving birth. I will arrive when the first contractions start, and I will only leave when you and I both feel comfortable to leave you on your own. 

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