What is momsoon?

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My goal is to support you during your pregnancy, and help you discover what your options and wishes for your delivery are. I will help you get insight in how you think about (Dutch) birth care, and develop the strength to stand up for your wishes. 

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During your pregnancy, it's important to develop a sense of what defines you as a birthing woman. Besides that, it’s good to learn how to deal with scenario’s that could arise during your delivery. 

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Doula's are different in their presence than midwives or gynaecologists. Because we don't have a medical background, we're not trained to think six steps ahead and can fully focus on the emotional and mental process of giving birth. 

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About me

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During my own pregnancies I’ve experience how important it is to have options, and to be supported in these. These experiences have ignited a fire in me to also be a support for other women. 

Birth photography


Besides doula I am also a birth photographer. During a delivery there is enough time to also capture you and your partner as birth team. Also for the actual birth, when the midwife steps in, there is a possibility for me to take pictures. 



Get in touch with me for a cup of coffee. We can get to know each other and see if we're a match. If not, I know many other doula's that I can recommend to you once I've met you. 


+31 6 45 28  88 97

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